​​Ostional is a Wildlife Refuge where development has not been as invasive as in many other beaches in the area. Ostional Turtle Lodge is a small family business. There are a total of 5 rooms with  a common area, The Lodge is located by the mangroves of the Ostional river, it borders the Refuge and it is just a walk away from the main nesting/surfing beach.

The property merges with the protected area that stretches over three beaches and it is also part of a wider mangroves system. It is surrounded by the penninsula's dry primary forest,  a great spot for bird watching, easy to see iguanas, monkeys and crabs.

How to get there

By car
Away  from the tourist,  Ostional remains a rural destination, the dirt coastal road that access the beach  runs through  different small towns with beautiful  secluded  beaches.  
In the last few years coming to Ostional has become more accessible,  during heavy rains (July  to October) the recommended route is Santa Cruz -27th de abril.  This route now has all the bridges that make accses possible. 
The Nosara route is still missing two bridges that make it difficult to access from the south. 

By Aiplane 
Ostional is about 10 km from the Nosara´s local airport, making flying into the area very convenient .  Sansa flies to Nosara once a day, but driving from Nosara to Ostional may be difficult under heavy rains July to Oct.

By Bus
 A)  San Jose - Nosara. 
Empresa  Alfaro  (506-22550775) leaves  San Jose at 5:30 am and arrives in Nosara at 11:30 am. Then leaves Nosara at   12:00 noon, arriving back to San Jose at 6:00 pm.  A taxi ride for two people Nosara-Ostional is about $30.
B) Santa Cruz- Ostional. 
The Ostional bus runs twice a day from Santa Cruz main bus stop.
 There is a bus that leaves Santa Cruz at 12:00 noon arriving into Ostional at 3:00 pm.  Ostional Santa Cruz leaves at 7:00 am arriving to Santa Cruz around 10:00 am. . 
Empresa Alfaro runs the San Jose-Santa Cruz bus service. (506-22550775).